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  • Garage auto Pierrefonds
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Total Auto Service in Pierrefonds

Garage Pierrefonds

Total Auto Service offers a professional service of mechanic and tires since 1995. Benefit from the expertise of the team of Marc Lebrun that will analyze, repair and maintain your car and light truck.

Our garage is equiped with the most modern tools to perform american mechanic, asian mechanic and europeen mechanic. We respect the maintenance standards of the Manufacturers and dealers.

We make the diagnosis on your electrical and electronic problems. We are able to diagnose your panel light.

check engine

Tires in West Island

Tires in Pierrefonds

For quality tires, trust our team in West Island. We are the specialists in used and new tires.

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Pneus Toyo, yokohama, sailun, michelin West Island

Car esthetic

Car esthetic Pierrefonds

Total Auto Service is the place for the esthetic of your car in Pierrefonds. Whether is for cleaning, polish, leather or tinted windows, we will be able to meet your needs.

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Repair and maintenance of Ford vehicles

Ford Garage Pierrefonds

We repair and maintain by the standards of cars and light trucks Ford dealers.

We are able to put in order your Ford truck even at the computer and on-board computer programming.

Repair and maintenance of Subaru vehicles

Subaru Garage Pierrefonds

Our expertise allows us to guarantee mechanical work on Subaru vehicles. We repair Subaru cars and SUV.

Repair and maintenance of Toyota vehicles

Toyota Garage Pierrefonds

We perform preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance by auto dealers and mechanical repairs on imported such as Toyota cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles.

Repair and maintenance of Chevrolet vehicles

Chevrolet Garage Pierrefonds

Original parts, quality parts or used parts, we service and repair your Chevrolet vehicles at high quality standards.

Repair and maintenance of Hyundai vehicles

Hyundai Garage Pierrefonds

Save on your Hyundai auto repair and SUV. We provide quality parts similar to the original at competitive prices.

Repair and maintenance of Mazda vehicles

Mazda Garage Pierrefonds

Your Mazda needs a mechanical repair or refinishing body. We repair Asian mechanics such as Mazda auto, light truck, truck, minivan and SUV.

Repair and maintenance of Dodge / Freightliner vehicles

Dodge Garage Pierrefonds

The Dodge Sprinter and Freightliner Sprinter commercial vehicles require specialized maintenance and repairs. We repair and service Dodge and Freightliner mechanical carefree. Give us your commercial vehicle for a fast and professional service.

Repair and maintenance of KIA vehicles

KIA Garage Pierrefonds

KIA vehicles require special attention in terms of maintenance and repairs. Hold your KIA in order with professional automotive at Total Auto Service.

Repair and maintenance of Volkswagen vehicles

Volkswagen Garage Pierrefonds

Few auto repair and service centers Volkswagen vehicles. We are equipped to repair cars and SUVs imported and European.

Repair and maintenance of Honda vehicles

Honda Garage Pierrefonds

We repair and service by the standards of Honda manufactured cars and light trucks dealers.

You're late on a manufacturer's maintenance plan, we can do the job quickly.

Repair and maintenance of GMC vehicles

GMC Garage Pierrefonds

We repair by the dealer standards of GMC light truck brand.

We are equipped to reprogram the onboard computer of your GM truck.

Repair and maintenance of vehicles Acura

Acura Garage Pierrefonds

We repair and service by the automotive standards of Acura dealers.

Repair and maintenance of Mitsubishi vehicles

Mitsubishi Garage Pierrefonds

Despite a respectable warranty, Mitsubishi vehicles require maintenance and repairs. Let us inspect your car and advise you on the repairs needed.

Repair and maintenance of Audi vehicles

Audi Garage Pierrefonds

Audi vehicles need maintenance and a tight bi-annual inspection. We are equipped to diagnose and care for your car or SUV brand Audi.

Repair and maintenance of BMW vehicles

BMW Garage Pierrefonds

Discover our talents in maintenance and repairs of German vehicles such as BMW. Our technicians are trained to the sophisticated mechanics of BMW.

General mechanic

general mechanic Garage Pierrefonds

Rely on professionals for mechanical and diesel repairs in Pierrefonds. We work imported mechanics.



Alignment Garage Pierrefonds

After all line repair, suspension or after a road accident, it is important to check and adjust the parallelism of your wheels.


Diesel mechanic

Diesel mechanic Pierrefonds

Our garage is able to repair and maintain diesel cars and light trucks.


J2534 reprogramming

Reprogramming Garage West Island

Reprogramming of vehicles and repair of electronic problems. We diagnose the Check Engine lights.